Lunch Menu


Lunch menu changes daily based availability of local ingredients. Menu below is for example only.


“Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands, and the mouth.”
          – Lanza del Vasto



‘ulu-leek soup 9
bacon, sweet corn, chives

market lettuces 11
cucumber, radish, herbs, meyer lemon vinaigrette

antipasti & bread 12
summer tomatoes & basils,
smoked eggplant,
pickled vegetables

polenta & asparagus 13
sunny side up egg, parmigiano

town fries 8
parsley, sage, rosemary


kuahiwi ranch hamburger 15
on a potato bun with fries & greens
add cheese 2, bacon 2, egg 2

hand-cut pasta 18
pork, beef, pancetta, porcini ragù, parmigiano

fresh catch 22
sprouted green lentils, tokyo turnips, orange, limu salsa verde

roast chicken fattoush 21
salad of purslane, cucumber, mint, pita, feta, pomegranate


buttermilk pannacotta 8
grapefruit, honey

dark chocolate-pretzel tart 8
olive oil, sea salt

fresh fruit sorbetto 6

“Local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always”