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Talk of the Town #4

September 19th, 2013

 talk of the town

             Good Morning Kaimuki!

The word is out: big changes are coming to breakfast!

Since we opened our doors over eight years ago, breakfast has been an opportunity for visitors and local residents alike to try delicious Town fare in a relaxed, cafeteria-style setting at affordable prices.  As the line out the door some mornings will attest, it’s been a hit!

To better accommodate the growing numbers of customers, Town will be switching from counter to full table service starting Monday, September 23rd.  Favorites like the breakfast burrito, polenta with egg and bitter greens, and freshly baked scones will still be offered, but there are a lot of changes to look forward to: more faces in both the dining room and kitchen to ensure faster service, more baked goods each morning, and creative breakfast specials every day.
This is a big change for us, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to find out how breakfast unfolds.
Join us from 7 to 10:45 a.m., Monday through Saturday to see!
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Talk of the Town #3

August 10th, 2013

talk of the town

             …with aloha always.


Cooking can be messy. Oil and sauce splatters, fly-away food, you name it.  Imagine cooking for hundreds. What would you wear? An old t-shirt? An apron? What about a nice button-down aloha shirt?

If it’s Friday, that’s exactly what our kitchen staff is wearing.

Aloha Fridays at Town started when a Townie came in for his shift randomly in an aloha shirt. The look elicited quite a few laughs and each Friday, more and more Townies came in donning aloha wear. And thus Aloha Fridays were born.

What started off as a joke, a way to ease some of the stress that comes from crafting hundreds of plates of beautiful and delicious food in a hot and cramped kitchen, became a team bonding experience; these aloha shirts tie us together like a uniform. We cheer when yet another Townie comes in overdressed to cook, and all take playful jabs at those who forget.

Here at Town, we believe in the food we put out. And on Fridays, we sure look good doing it.

-By Wei Lum



Even Dino, from MA’O Farms, has changed his Friday delivery uniform to an aloha shirt.



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Talk of the Town #2

August 10th, 2013

talk of the town

   The family that eats together…

If you took a peek inside our restaurant around 5pm, you would probably think we were open. You’d see a large party of people sitting down to dinner and talking. But those aren’t guests you see, they’re us, the Town ohana!

Each evening, one of our staff creates a tasty and nutritious meal for all of us to enjoy. We sit down to dinner and share stories and lessons, discuss ingredients and recipes, celebrate new employees or birthdays. This time together gives us invaluable opportunities to learn, grow, and improve, while strengthening our feelings of ohana and aloha.

We open our doors each day with these insights and feelings, hoping to make your dining experiences with us warm, memorable, and delicious!

Bon appétit!

by Wei Lum


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Talk of the Town #1

August 10th, 2013

talk of the town

   This week we celebrate Elysa…

We have been lucky enough to call Elysa a Townie, or member of the Town family, since January, 2008. Elysa recently graduated with a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management with a focus in soil and water conservation through CTAHR (College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources).

This week we celebrate Elysa’s new position at Hoa’Aina O Makaha, a non-profit educational farm on the West Coast of Oahu in Makaha.  Elysa will be leaving Town and working under Gigi Cocquio as an apprentice for the next year or so and will then take over as executive director when Gigi retires.  Hoa’Aina O Makaha is an educational resource center for the Wai’anae Coast communities focusing on teaching concepts like perpetuating Hawaiian culture and traditions, creating reciprocal relationships between man and the land, and self-sufficiency, mostly through keiki educational programs.  These programs are designed to create strong values in aloha ‘aina and malama ‘aina that will be passed on through generations, resulting in a healthier and more self-reliant community.

E Malama Ika ‘Aina, Nana Mei Ke Ola (take care of the land, it grants you life).

 Congratulations Elysa!  We are so proud of you!!
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