Art@town is excited to present Retrospect Designs’ very first “art” opening, “Reclaiming the Title Reclaimed”.

Tyler Gregorka and Lauren Finley-Jacob of Retrospect Designs have collaborated together for this art show. While the theme of reclaimed wood remains constant across the sets of pieces, their inspiration was found in many different places. Lauren was inspired by textiles of central Mexico and South America. She aimed to capture the essence of these beautifully colored and handmade fabrics with a wood medium. Tyler has always been intrigued with the foundation behind geometry and entertains his mind with patterns, allowing his pieces to be experimental in nature, while drawing from classic geometric shapes. Ultimately there was only one goal: to make reclaimed wood look good, and to let people know that there is much more to the reclaimed wood world that weathered pallets. The wood faced on these art pieces are all locally reclaimed from Hawaii.

Tyler is a carpenter and metal fabricator with a background in motorcycles, off road trucks, fine furniture and cabinet making, giving him not only an eye for aesthetics, but for structure and stability. He has always had an urge to create and build, which pushed him towards starting his own business. As founder of Retrospect Designs, Tyler hopes to produce more furniture pieces and express creativity without limits. In his ideal model, Tyler would focus on building custom motorcycles, skateboards, and coffee tables.

Lauren is a student at UH Manoa studying ethnobotany, how humans and plants interact. This has played an important role in her life, exposing her to traveling and to various cultures around the world. With Retrospect Designs, she has been able to hone in skills to make wooden and metal planters. Simultaneously falling in love with design, she now has interest in designing and producing lighting fixtures, wall installations, and furniture.


Go to: for more information on them, their business, and their designs.

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